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Welcome to our Amateur Underwater Photographer of the Month series, sponsored by Ikelite Underwater Systems. Ikelite has been manufacturing waterproof flashlights, camera housings and photographic accessories since 1962. Ikelite’s diverse line of underwater photographic equipment has something for every diver from housings for simple point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated housings for digital SLR and video cameras.

The purpose of our monthly photo series is to highlight the world of scuba diving and all of the incredible objects and sea life you may encounter under the sea! By providing tips from our featured photographers, we also want to inspire and encourage divers of all levels – and even non-scuba divers – to try underwater photography. The ocean is a majestic and magnificent place; open your eyes and you'll be amazed at what you can capture and share with the rest of the world!

Are you interested in being featured as one of our Amateur Underwater Photographers of the month? Just send us a quick email here. If you are selected you will receive a prize from Ikelite and a swag bag from Scubaba!



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